The world is going digital. Social media, the convenience and growing safety of ecommerce, along with the mobile boom has changed the way people communicate and transact. Besides being used as an indicator of a brand’s trustworthiness, due to the large volumes of traffic, relatively lower costs and high degree of measurability digital media offers huge opportunities for marketers. These factors have made digital marketing an essential part of the marketing strategy of all companies.


  • If you are an Entrepreneur this course will help you to design and implement digital marketing plans for their own business or company brands.
  • As a Digital Media Professional, this program will help to seek employment opportunities within digital marketing agencies or digital marketing departments of companies.
  • Those already working with traditional media marketing can
  • Gain an understanding of digital marketing so that they can bring in cross channel integration.
  • Use this course as a starting point to move to digital marketing roles or start a digital marketing wing if the company currently does not have one.

 Course Duration – 130 hours

Course Fee – Rs 18,688/-

 Course Curriculum

  1. Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Understand what digital marketing is
  • Identify the need to go digital
  • Identify the basic objectives of digital marketing
  1. Search Engine Optimization
  • Define Search Engine Optimization
  • Understand how search engines work
  • Identify the techniques used for SEO
  • Identify the tools used for SEO audit

 Fundamentals of Search Engine Marketing

  • Identify search and display networks
  • Identify the elements of a campaign structure
  • Identify the methods for optimizing landing pages
  • Define ad rank
  • Define conversions
  • Identify the metrics to optimize campaign performance
  1. Advanced Search Engine Marketing
  • Define the various types of keywords and tools used for keyword research
  • Explain search ad formats and extensions
  • Identify reports used to measure and optimize search campaign performance
  • Define dynamic search ads
  • Define product listing ads 
  1. Advanced Digital Display Marketing
  • List the various targeting methodologies
  • Identify the various display ad formats
  • Define reports used to measure campaign performance
  • Identify the various Optimization methods
  1. Social Media Marketing
  • Define social media marketing
  • Describe how the various social websites can be used as marketing media
  1. Mobile Marketing
  • Define Mobile Marketing
  • Define mobile properties
  • Identify best practices
  • Identify advertising options for marketing on mobiles
  • Identify methods used to market with mobiles
  1. Email Marketing
  • Identify the key concepts of email marketing
  • Identify the process for creating effective email marketing campaigns
  • Identify the optimization methods to improve performance


  1. Digital Analytics
  • Define Digital Analytics
  • Identify how Google Analytics works
  • Identify the account structure required to measure the right data
  • Define the main reports that can be viewed
  1. Integrated Digital Marketing Campaigns
  • Understand the concept of integrated digital marketing
  • Identify why integrated digital marketing is important
  • Identify the process of integration


Bonus Module (Self-Paced Learning)

  1. Programmatic Buying, Email and Affiliate Marketing
  • Programmatic Buying
  • Email Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Creating digital media plan