The Digital Marketing Certification Program from Manipal Global is a comprehensive online program designed for professionals and marketing enthusiasts who want to grasp the concepts of digital marketing. The program will introduces participants to the basics of digital marketing and provides them with the knowledge and tools which will help them to use digital marketing to reach out and engage people over the internet. This program will also help the participants in mastering the art of online brand building and & sales generation. The program helps the participants to understand the concepts of Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, and Online Reputation Management and also introduces them to the exciting world of social media marketing.


Program Inclusions: Get access to 10 levels of a gaming experience worth $50,000 (virtual money) to create and test the performance of your ads.

Stand out in Interviews: Exhaustive practice on simulation giving hand-on experience on some of the tools used by a Digital Marketing professional.

Industry-wide recognized certification: Get an industry-wide recognized certification in Digital Marketing by Manipal ProLearn.

Brand building: Brand building Manage and build a brand online with a certificate course in digital marketing.

Course Fee – Rs 6,110/-
Course Duration – 78+ hours

Course Structure:

  1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Module 1: Introduction to Online Search
  • Module 2: Understanding How Search Engines Work
  • Module 3: Understanding Google Page Rank
  • Module 4: Introduction to Search Engine Optimisation
  • Module 5: How to Build an Accessible Site?
  • Module 6 : Keyword Research and Optimisation
  • Module 7: Link Building Strategies
  • Module 8 : Useful Tools for SEO
  • Module 9: The Past, Present and Future of SEO


  1. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Module 1: Introduction to Internet and Search Engine Marketing
  • Module 2: Getting Started with Google AdWords
  • Module 3: AdWords Account Structure
  • Module 4: Navigating in Google AdWords
  • Module 5: Working with Keywords
  • Module 6: Creating Ads in Google AdWords
  • Module 7: Creating and Managing your First Ad Campaign
  • Module 8: AdWords Reporting and Account Performance Reports
  • Module 9: Enhanced Campaign


  1. Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Module 1: Beginners Guide to the World of SMM
  • Module 2: Why Social Media?
  • Module 3: Getting Started with Social Media
  • Module 4: Building Relationships via Facebook
  • Module 5: Building Relationships via Twitter
  • Module 6: Building Relationships via LinkedIn
  • Module 7: Marketing through YouTube
  • Module 8: Handling Positive and Negative Comments
  • Module 9: Social Media Content Base Creation
  • Module 10: Who is Doing it Right?


  1. Analytics
  • Module 1: Analytics 101
  • Module 2: Web Analytics and Intelligence Tools
  • Module 3: Basic Metrics Demystified
  • Module 4: Introduction to Google Analytics
  • Module 5: Goals and Actionable Insights
  • Module 6: Data Management
  • Module 7: Social Media Analytics
  • Module 8: Social Media Goals and KPI’s
  • Module 9: Tools for Social Media Analytics


  1. Online Reputation Management (ORM)
  • Module 1: What is ORM?
  • Module 2: Need and Benefits of ORM
  • Module 3: Case Studies
  • Module 4: Getting Started with ORM
  • Module 5: Building it right and tools required