MS Excel reigns supreme when it comes to spread sheet usage in business. Knowledge of Excel is required from entry level staff to Senior Managers. Employees with this skill are required from small companies to big International companies.


Manipal Global along with a leading Microsoft Learning Partner is offering training on MS Excel through its Digital content aligned with Microsoft Official Curriculum and customized curriculum with addition of innovative simulated exercises. This course offers 3 levels of learning Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. At the successful completion of the course learner gets certificate from Manipal Global.


Benefits to You

Gain Industry Relevant Skills: Learn Advance Excel skills and techniques which are applicable to any industry.

Learn Data Analysis Techniques: Learn through case studies which explain data analysis in a real time scenario.

Career Growth: The program will be a great value-add to your resume, which can help you pursue a promising career.

Prep for Microsoft Office Specialist Exam: The program is oriented towards preparing you for Microsoft Office Specialist certification exam.

Enhanced Job Opportunities: Get hired as Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Operations Manager, Financial Analyst, Accountant, Sales and Marketing & HR Specialist etc.

Discuss Industry Trends: Live Web based sessions (classes) with faculty for discussion on current industry trends and doubt clearance of concepts. 


Course Duration – 90 hours

Course Fee – Rs 5,000/- 

Topics Covered

Based on MS Excel 2010

  • Level 1 Basic Course on Excel
  • Level 2 Intermediate Course on Excel
  • Level 3 Advanced Course on Excel
  • Simulated Exercises 


There is a huge demand for resources skilled on MS Excel. Our objective is to create a talent pool proficient in MS Excel to fulfil this demand. We aim to train learners through Digital Content aligned with Microsoft Official curriculum plus a customised course developed by us to help the learners practice and learn real time scenarios. There will be a Course Completion Certificate from Manipal Global, based on assessments on each level.

Detailed Course Syllabus (MS Excel 2010) 

Level 1: Basic Course on Excel

This course is intended for learners who want to learn beginning level Excel 2010 skills. After completing this course, learners will be able to:

  • Create workbooks
  • Modify workbook content
  • Modify worksheet content
  • Zoom in on a worksheet
  • Arrange multiple workbook windows
  • Add buttons to the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Customize the ribbon
  • Maximize usable space in the program window
  • Enter and revise data
  • Move data within a workbook
  • Find and replace data
  • Correct and expand upon worksheet data
  • Define Excel tables
  • Format cells
  • Apply workbook themes and Excel table styles.
  • Add image to worksheets
  • Add headers and footers to printed pages
  • Prepare worksheets for printing
  • Print worksheets
  • Print parts of worksheets
  • Print charts

Level 2: Intermediate Course on Excel

This course shows learners how to of perform calculations on data, locate and validate data, create styles and format and filter data, reorder and summarize data, and combine data from multiple sources. After completing this course, learners will be able to:

  • Name groups of data
  • Create formulas to calculate values
  • Summarize data that meets specific conditions
  • Find and correct errors in calculations
  • Define styles
  • Make numbers easier to read
  • Change the appearance of data based on its value
  • Limit data that appears on your screen
  • Manipulate worksheet data
  • Define valid sets of values for ranges of cells
  • Sort worksheet data
  • Organize data into levels
  • Look up information in a worksheet
  • Use workbooks as templates for other workbooks
  • Link to data in other worksheets and workbooks
  • Consolidate multiple sets of data into a single workbook
  • Group multiple sets of data 

Level 3: Advanced Course on Excel

This course provides learners with the skills to analyse alternative data sets, create dynamic worksheets by using PivotTables, create charts and graphics, automate repetitive tasks, work with other Microsoft Office programs, and collaborate on workbooks. After completing this course, learners will be able to:

  • Define an alternative data set
  • Define multiple alternative data sets
  • Vary your data to get a desired result by using Goal Seek
  • Find optimal solutions by using Solver
  • Analyse data by using descriptive statistics
  • Analyse data dynamically by using PivotTables
  • Filter, show, and hide PivotTable data
  • Edit PivotTables
  • Format PivotTables
  • Create PivotTables from external data
  • Create charts
  • Customize the appearance of charts
  • Find trends in your data
  • Summarize your data by using Sparklines
  • Create dynamic charts by using Pivot Charts
  • Create diagrams by using SmartArt
  • Create shapes and mathematical equations
  • Enable and examine macros
  • Create and modify macros
  • Run macros when a button is clicked
  • Run macros when a workbook is opened
  • Include Office documents in workbooks
  • Store workbooks as parts of other Office documents
  • Create hyperlinks
  • Paste charts into other documents
  • Share workbooks
  • Manage comments
  • Track and manage colleagues’ changes
  • Protect workbooks and worksheets
  • Authenticate workbooks
  • Save workbooks for the Web